Ceramco, Inc. is a nationally recognized source of roll manufacturing and reconditioning technology and a supplier of high quality ceramic and metal coatings for wear resistance and unique surface properties.

Metal and ceramic coatings for wear and abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and machinability. Application methods include plasma spray, HP/HVOF and arc flame spray.

Creation of unique surface properties for friction control, liquid transfer, high release and static discharge.

ASTTM roll diameter and journal restoration with carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys for wear and corrosion resistance.

CNC cylindrical parts fabrication.

Ceramco is a custom job shop offering you capabilities ranging from processing multiple part production runs to one-of-a-kind engineering tests.

Ceramco coats and machines cylindrical parts up to 260" in length and precision grinds to a maximum of 25" diameter. This capacity coupled with the experience of processing small, high speed parts gives the company a broad knowledge of mechanical hardware.

The business was founded in 1971 to service synthetic fiber producers and textile mills. Growth over the years led to diversification of major accounts in primary metals, fiber optics, tires, hydraulics, wire and polyester film.

In 1981, the Printech anilox roll division opened and subsequently established itself as an international supplier to the flexographic printing industries. The division provides highly specialized engraved and slotted rolls used in the production of corrugated containers and printed consumer packaging. The Ceramco and Printech divisions of the business operate out of a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Innovations credited to Ceramco/Printech include: the ASTTM Process, a submerged arc welding technique used to restore roll diameters; patented light weight/high stiffness roll manufacturing technology for ease of handling and high performance operation; and a series of unique coating surface properties to solve a variety of engineering problems including wear resistance, friction control, static discharge, liquid transfer and corrosion resistance.

Ceramco employs the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques, including CNC machining and robotics, along with statistical quality assurance measures to consistently produce the highest quality products.


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